Physiotherapy in Pregnancy

Visiting a physiotherapist while prenatal, pregnant or postpartum can help both with the prevention and treatment of pain and pelvic issues caused by pregnancy as well as aid in recovery after childbirth.


Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women

Physiotherapists can work with women to help them prepare their bodies for pregnancy including ensuring the body is aligned and ready to carry a baby. 


Physiotherapy Assists with Posture Changes during Pregnancy
Pregnancy puts a huge strain on a woman’s body. The physiological changes cause postural adaptations that often cause back pain and pelvic pain that is associated with pregnancy.  Core stability training with a physiotherapist is one way to help prevent and treat back pain during and following pregnancy.


You Learn How to Push Correctly During Labour
Using their knowledge of the pelvic floor, physiotherapists can help teach women how to push effectively during childbirth. Pushing correctly will reduce the chances of pelvic floor trauma and subsequent problems.


Physiotherapy Assists with Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Throughout pregnancy and labour, a woman's pelvic health can be compromised.Some conditions that can arise from trauma to a woman’s pelvic floor include incontinence, pain during intercourse, and pelvic organ prolapse.

After a woman has had a baby, an assessment and a plan for rehabilitation will assist in the recovery of her pelvic floor.

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